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Surveys are the life-blood of our mapping and planning work. The State Broadband Office continues to look for opportunities to develop surveys and queries that will aid in meeting our goals.

Community Anchor Institution Survey

The State Broadband Office (SBO) is working to identify where access to high-speed Internet exists and where improvements are needed for Community Anchor Institutions (CAI).  To do this, the SBO annually surveys CAI administrators and IT coordinators of schools, libraries, hospitals, public safety sectors, state and federal government and other non-governmental organizations on their broadband subscription information.

The SBO regularly updates connection information on its interactive broadband map, as changes to the type of connection and speed of internet service are modified. If your Community Anchor Institution has not filled out the survey, please encourage and share knowledge of this survey with your local schools, hospitals & other hubs – the success and usefulness of these surveys is in achieving full participation!

The next round of the CAI survey process is will begin in the fall of 2015. At that time, the SBO will reach out to all current participants; be sure to check back here in the fall for more information. You can check out the most recent survey results by visiting the Wisconsin Broadband Map

We’ve love to hear from you. Visit the Contact Us page of this website to message the SBO team.

Wisconsin Broadband Demand Survey

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